In addition to the Wakulla River and the St. Marks NWR, the St. Marks River from Newport to the St. Marks Springs offers another nearby paddling trip. The current is mild and the waters clear. It is about 12 miles round trip though mostly undeveloped hard woods, low swampy areas, and small springs including Newport Springs (formerly known as Brewer  Springs.) The launch site is on the northeast side of the Newport bridge on U.S. 98.


Famous St. Marks Sea Cows

Map Overview:

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Satellite Views:

St. Marks and Wakulla Rivers

These two spring fed rivers are home to manatees during the warmer months

Paddling Route

Round trip from the Newport Bridge to the springs is about 12 miles.

Launch Site

On the NE side of the bridge is the launch site.

St. Marks Springs

after paddling about 5 miles, you will come to a wide open area leading to the springs


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