St. Marks River - Natural Bridge

The St. Marks River originates in the hardwood and cypress river swamps of the Red Hills area and flows for 35 miles through Florida before emptying into Apalachee Bay. At Natural Bridge, it disappears underground and reappears a mile downstream.

East of Woodville, Fl on S.R. 260, Natural Bridge was the site of a Civil War battle. Here the St. Marks River goes underground reappearing as St. Marks Springs a short distance to the south.

Launch Site

Travel east on SR 260(Natural Bridge Rd) from SR 363 in Woodville. The road goes from paved to dirt. Continue to the Natural Bridge Park. While you can launch at this location, continue on the dirt road until you see the river on your left. Park and launch here.

Trip Description

Launch and paddle north into hardwood forest. How far you go is up to you and how many times you are willing to portage around downed trees. On this trip, I went about 2 miles up river.

Satellite Views

Paddling Views


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