Aucilla River, Fl 

Aucilla River Canoe Trial  - from the Fl Department of Environmental Protection 

US 98 to Gulf of Mexico

Aucilla River Tide Date from Jax NWS

7/29/2001 Trip Views

Directions: From Tallahassee, Florida - Head south on SR 363 to Wakulla and turn left onto SR 267 to US 98. Head east on US 98 and pass over the bridge. (approx. 35 miles)

Area Maps

Trip Overview

Overview of the Aucilla from US 98 to the Gulf of Mexico

Launch Site

Launch Site Closeup

Heading East on US 98, turn left onto a dirt road to reach the boat ramp.

Mouth of the Aucilla

Entrance to the Aucilla from the Gulf of Mexico


Launch Site: - Cross the US 98 Bridge heading east and turn left onto a dirt road. There is a boat ramp on the right with limited parking.

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Trip Description: - After launching, head down stream to the Gulf of Mexico about 5.5 miles. The river current is mild and it is possible to paddle in both directions. While not as remote as the the sections of the canoe trial, you will paddle through a changing landscape as you near the coast. 

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Just south of US 98

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Mid Stream

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Entering the Gulf

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Heading back into the mouth of the Aucilla River

Aucilla River south of  US 27 

Summer of 2001 River Trip


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